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Leadership In A Nutshell

Leadership is a balancing act while standing on a beach ball. Once you learn how it is impressive to watch. Learning how can be exhausting and frustrating. A true and seasoned leader has many battle scars to show for their success. more »


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Start, Don't Stop

While I do agree with the basic premise, discontinue doing what is not working. I disagree with the approach. We as human beings are negatively based. We have a natural tendency to focus on negative things. The weather is too cold, or too hot. I need to stop smoking, I am to fat, I am always late. You need to break this cycle, there see I just did it. You need to start doing the things that will enrich and better your life. There that is better. more »


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Use A Hashtag To Build Your Small Business on Social Media

Try this tip for your small business this year. Think up a hashtag that is unique and specific for your business. Using this new and unique hashtag is just as important and can be just as meaningful as any brand messaging. Repeatedly using your hashtag (but only once per post) and having others pin, retweet or share your posts with your new hashtag in it will spread your reach. more »


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Get Rid of Fruit Flies- No Poisons

Fruit flies are annoying and must die! Here is the easy home remedy for fruit flies. No poisons and no harmful chemicals, no sprays and no odor. more »


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Get Rid of Ants in the Yard Without Poison

You already know Club Soda is good for everything, gets out stains, divorces ex-spouses, creates fame and fortune, wins lotterys. Well it also kills ant hills in your yard. Yes, it will kill all the ants in an ant hill about about a day to two days, dead, gone, byby. more »
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