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Parts for HP DesignJet 450C

D-size C4715A   C4715AR     E-size C4716A   C4716AR    Italy C6086A

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 6040-0858 / 6040-0855 / 6040-0854 Synthetic oil - 3 oz plastic bottle
 6040-0855 / 6040-0854 Synthetic Lubricating Oil - 3 oz plastic bottle 6040-0855 Replaces 6040-0858 6040-0854 Lubricant: Synthetic oil - 3 oz plastic bottle container used on all HP DesignJet Plotter Models as S $36.99

C1633-40019 DesignJet Overdrive Gear Cluster

 C1633-40019 Hewlett Packard DesignJet plotter Overdrive Gear Cluster New HP C1633-40019 DesignJet ploter and wide format Printer Gear Cluster $6.99

C3174-40011 DesignJet 300 / 400 Series Spindle End Cap

 C3174-40011 Hewlett Packard DesignJet 300 / 400 Series Spindle End Cap C3174-40011 End Cap Spindle end cap (2-inch) Genuine New OEM HP DesignJet plotter parts $29.99

C3190-60142 DesignJet Plotter Service station assembly

 C3190-60142 Service station assembly Genuine New OEM part for HP DesignJet 200 / 300 / 400 Series Plotter - Mounted behind primer assembly in the LEFT end of the plotter - Four tubes from ink separator plug in $165.50

 C4699-60081 DesignJet Pincharm Assembly
 C4699-60081 Hewlett Packard DesignJet Plotter Pincharm Assembly C4699-60081 Genuine New OEM HP DesignJet Plotter and wide format printer parts C4699-60081 Pincharm : Pincharm assembly Curved black plastic plate $48.99

C4705-60082 DesignJet Carriage belt D-size 24 inch Plotter

 C4705-60082 Printhead Carriage Drive Belt D-size 24 inch HP DesignJet plotter Drive belt attached to the wide format printer / ploter carriage New C4705-60082 replaces C3190-40048 $49.95

C4706-60082 DesignJet Carriage belt E-size 36 inch Plotter

 C4706-60082 carriage drive belt E-size 36 inch Long wide printhead belt attached to cartridge carriage assembly C4706-60082 replaces C3191-40048 HP DesignJet wide format printer & ploter $49.95

C4713-40025 DesignJet Plotter Pinchwheel Lift Handle

 C4713-40025 Hewlett-Packard DesignJet Plotter 430 450C 455CA 488CA Pinchwheel manual lift handle Paper loading lever New HP Plotter Parts C4713-40025 HP DesignJet Plotter Parts Pinchwheel lift handle $12.35

 C4713-40046 DesignJet 430 / 450C / 455CA / 488CA Blue Power Button
 C4713-40046 Hewlett Packard DesignJet 430 / 450C / 455CA / 488CA Blue Power Button C4713-40046 New OEM Blue Power Button for HP Designjet plotters protrudes from the Right End Cover Blue Plastic On / Off Butto $4.85

C4713-60017 DesignJet 430 / 455 / 488 Spitoon Assembly

 C4713-60017 HP DesignJet 430 455 488 plotter Spitoon Assembly C4713-60017 New OEM Hewlett Packard DesignJet part Spittoon assembly Contains absorbers which hold excess ink from cartridges for ploter and wide fo $41.95

C4713-60040 DesignJet 400 Series Cutter assembly

 C4713-60040 cutter assembly New OEM genuine HP for DesignJet 400 series plotter C4713-60040 Mounts on the Carriage Slider Rod to the right of the carriage this is the paper cutter for automatic roll feed oper $79.95

C4713-60092 DesignJet  Carriage Motor 400 series

 C4713-60092 Carriage Motor assembly HP DesignJet 400 series plotter OEM New Hewlett Packard DesignJet Plotter X-Axis or Scan Axis Carriage Motor Assembly C4713-60092 Comes complete with the cable and spring loa $105.95
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 C4713-60093 DesignJet 430/450/488 Bail Assembly D-Size
 C4713-60093 Hewlett Packard DesignJet 430/450/488 Bail assembly (D-size) - Has star wheel assemblies attached C4713-60093 Genuine OEM New HP DesignJet Bail Assembly with Star Wheel Mounts C4713-60093 for use o $109.25

C4713-60094 DesignJet 430 / 450 / 455 / 488 Paper Drive Motor New

 C4713-60094 DesignJet 430 / 450C / 455CA / 488CA Paper Drive Motor Helwett Packard C4713-60094 New OEM DesignJet Plotter Paper (X-axis) drive motor (Includes helical drive gear) NOTE: motor and gear are only so $169.95

C4713-60098 DesignJet Plotter Encoder Strip D-Size OEM

 C4713-60098 Encoder Strip D-Size for HP DesignJet Plotter HP DesignJet plotter & wide format printer encoder strip C4713-60098 replaces C2858-60208 Includes encoder strip and encoder strip spring. The enco $69.99

 C4713-60117 DesignJet Media deflector with media button
 C4713-60117 Hewlett Packard DesignJet Plotter Media deflector with media button The media deflector furthest to the right side Includes media load button $58.95

C4713-60129 DesignJet Overdrive Clutch Assembly

 C4713-60129 Overdrive Clutch Assembly HP DesignJet 430 450C 455CA 488CA 820 MFP OEM New C4713-60129 New Genuine OEM HP DesignJet Overdrive Clutch Assembly Small wide gear near overdrive gear Held in place with  $34.95

C4713-60181 DesignJet Carriage assembly trailing cable D Size

 C4713-60181 replaces C3190-60038 Trailing Cable HP DesignJet Plotter Carriage assembly D-size 24-inch Has 60-pin (F) connectors 1.6m (5.2ft) long C4713-60181 Genuine New OEM Hewlett Packard DesignJet Plotter Ca $186.00

 C4714-60014 DesignJet 430 / 450 / 455 / 488 Top Cover E Size
 C4714-60014 Hewlett Packard DesignJet 430 450 455 488 Top Cover E Size c4714-60014 Genuine New OEM HP DesignJet Plotter Parts Cover Top cover assembly E-size No Exchange of Old Parts Required C4714-60014 used $78.92

 C4714-60093 DesignJet 430/450/488 Bail Assembly E-Size
 C4714-60093 HP DesignJet 430 / 450 / 488 Bail assembly (E-size) C4714-60093 New Genuine OEM Hewlett Packard DesignJet Bail Assembly for E-Size - has star wheel assemblies attached C4714-60093 Bail used on the f $129.25

C4714-60181 Carriage assembly trailing cable E size

 C4714-60181 Replaces C3191-60038 Trailing Cable HP DesignJet Plotter Carriage assembly trailing cable (E size) (36 inch) Has 60-pin (F) connectors 1.9m (6.2ft) long From electronics module to carriage assembly  $291.00

D3578-63001 D2298-69001 D3578A 72 Pin 32 Meg Simm

 Compatible for Hewlett Packard 32 Meg 70ns 72 Pin Simm Memory Replaces HP Part# D3578-63001 D2298-69001 D3578A D3578-69001 for HP DesignJet LaserJet Color Laserjet NetServer Vectra $55.95

DesignJet Service and Repair Manuals

 Hewlett Packard DesignJet Service Repair and User Manuals Direct Download or on CD Rom Manuals compiled on CD Rom in PDF Format User Guides Service Manuals plus the parts list and repair guides This CD-ROM cont $18.95

DesignJet 400 Series Plotter Service Manual Download

 DesignJet 430 / 450C / 455CA plotter Service Manual Download Direct download after payment of the Service and Repair manual for DesignJet 430 DesignJet 450C & DesignJet 455CA series plotters. This Service Manu $4.99



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