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How Open Source Can Save You Money


Would you walk to the trash can and throw a stack of hundred dollar bills away?

How Open Source can save your business money

How Open Source can save your business money!

Everyone knows by now that Open Source is free, or at least I do hope the word is spreading. The computing world and the Internet Of Things is a vast gold mine of information and ideas. Open Source harnesses those ideas and the creativity of the masses to produce Operating Systems, Apps and platforms that in some cases outperform the expensive commercial counter parts.

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How To Turn Off Amber Alerts On Your iPhone


Has your iPhones Amber Alert function every gone off in the middle of the night waking you from a wonderful dream?
Squawked in the middle of an important meeting?
Scared the bejesus out of you while you were driving?
Only to find out the incident is five hundred miles away.
Wish you could silence the Alerts?
IPhones have two alert functions, Amber Alert and Emergency Alerts.
We all know what Amber Alerts are; Emergency Alerts are for evacuations, storms, fires, alien invasions and incoming meteors.

You can turn off the notifications so your phone will not end your life in a heart attack and here is how:

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Murphy's Law 21 Brutal Rules of The Combat Soldier.



Here are 21 brutally accurate rules to combat and warfare, as told by soldiers.
What do you think? Are they accurate?

Part 1 of Murphy's 21 laws of combat

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How can your business benefit from open source?


How can your business benefit from open source?

Maybe 15 or 20 years ago most managers and IT pros alike would have cringed at the very thought. Only serious tech geeks used Linux, but times have changed.
Here are some interesting key areas your business can benefit from the cost savings, security and flexibility of open source software, servers and applications.

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A Tear Down of the New Steam Machine



Steam Machine Gaming PC
For you PC Gamers out there, here it is, a tear down of the new Steam Machine.
The Steam OS gamer PC.
If like me, you have enjoyed the Steam based games, I am addicted to HalfLife, this should be a good read.

Valve has released 300 beta test units out to the community, iFixit has acquired one of these gaming computers to do a tear down and assessment of the computer.

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Windows Phone Outpaces Blackberry- But Should It



© 5/17/2013

In an article titled: Windows Phone Overtakes BlackBerry in Smartphone Shipments, Not That It Matters.

According to new research from IDC, Microsoft’s mobile operating system accounted for 3.2 percent of global smartphone shipments in the first quarter. That’s a significant gain from the OS’s performance in the first quarter of 2012, which saw it capture a market share of 2 percent. And it was enough for Windows Phone to unseat BlackBerry from its third-place spot and claim the rank for its own.

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Easier way to replace the swing plate assembly (RM1-0043)



HP LaserJet 4200/4250/4300/4350:

An Easier Way to Replace the Swing Plate Assembly (RM1-0043)

The swing plate assembly, a small obscure assembly in the right rear of the HP LaserJet 4200/4300 series of printers, has recently become very popular. Why? One reason is that, obscure as it is, it has a very important job: to couple the printer’s main drive assembly to the fuser. The other reason is that if the fuser isn’t fully seated (which is unfortunately a common problem in this series of printers), it will “bounce” when the swing plate attempts to drive it. This can damage both the gear in the fuser and the gear in the swing plate. The standard remedy for this condition is to replace both assemblies (fuser and swing plate).

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