Due to questions called into our shop over the years of the exact location and orientation of the Encoder Strip on the HP DesignJet 500 / 510 / 800 plotter models; we thought it was time to post some tips and photos to help you with the correct placement and orientation of the Encoder Strip during the install.

Follow the replacement instructions on page 8-76 of the Remove and Replace chapter of the Service Manual.

Here is what they don't seem to tell you.

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Link: http://www.computercarefiles.com/TWI_Docs/bpp90058/default.html


HP Designjet 700 Series Printers - Noise Along the Carriage Path, General Y-Axis Troubleshooting

Designjet 700 Series Printers - Noise Along the Carriage Path.

Noise is produced when the pen carriage cannot move freely.
Common causes are the Y-belt (carriage belt) being frayed or worn, obstructions or excess friction along the carriage path, the cutter failing to reach its home position, or worn or damaged Y-axis parts. Follow the instructions listed below to help solve these errors.

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DesignJet 500 / 510 / 800 HP Plotter, System Error 2:10

Repairing a system error 2:10 on a DesignJet 510 42 inch wide format plotter printer.

According to documentation and experience this error us usually caused by a malfunction in the carriage assembly.
HP describes it as:

Carriage failure. The possible cause could be:
1. The Carriage PCA is not compatible with the rest of the Printer.
2. The Carriage ASIC has problems initializing.
3. The +2.5V reference voltage generated in the Carriage PCA is
out of range.
4. One of the Carriage ASIC’s cannot be found within the Serial
Bus that connects the Electronics Module to the Carriage.
5. One of the Carriage ASIC’s did not respond to the Serial Bus that
connects the Electronics Module to the Carriage Assembly.

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Reinstalling the encoder strip into the service station bracket on the right end of a DesignJet 500 DesignJet 510 and DesignJet 800 plotter can be a bit tricky.
But with the Service Manual and a few photos it is actually an easy task to accomplish. 
Parts involved:
Service Station Bracket C7769-60156 aka C7769-60391
Encoder Strip for 24 inch plotter models C7769-60183
Encoder Strip for 42 inch plotter models C7770-60013

So here are a few figures and instructions to help you on your way.

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Care and feeding of the HP DesignJet Plotter / Wide Format Printer Encoder strip.

HP DesignJet Encoder Strip

The encoder strip, long shiny metal band that runs end to end of the plotter, the carriage follows this strip. It is used to assist the plotter in locating the carriage assembly along its path. The encoder strip in essence lets the carriage tell the electronics module where it is over the paper or in the ends of the plotter.

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