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Ghosting, is a problem that can occur with laser printers.


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Ghosting of Images or Text on Laser Printer Pages


Ghosting, is a problem that can occur with laser printers.

Ghosting, is a problem that can occur with laser printers.
Ghosting refers to your images or text on a printed page that repeat at a regular interval further down on the page.
Note the image at the top of the page, Image A. repeats, faded, later down the page in two noticeable places, Image B.
The repeats are faded, or ghost images on the page.

Ghosting makes your printed pages dirty and look unprofessional. Fortunately there is a fairly simple cure for this condition.

Follow up:

The ghosted images are a symptom of fuser heat, or the lack thereof.
The fuser is not getting hot enough to completely bond the toner to the page so some of the toner sticks to the fuser roller, and is transferred back to the page when the roller has made another revolution.
If you were to measure the ghosts, they are the same distance apart as the circumference of the fuser’s roller.

The Cure.
Replace the fuser and the ghosts in the machine will be exercised into the abyss.

Computer Care can help you with this problem, Computer Care can provide you with information, the correct part and onsite laser printer service to change out the fuser and have your printed pages clean and professional again.

Call Computer Care today to schedule your service, or you can order your part from the Computer Care website. Click Here for Computer Care’s contact information.

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Comment from: Deedee Lewis [Visitor]
My printer has been acting weird lately and doing what I now know is called ghosting, thanks to your article. It's good to find out that the cause of it is most likely because of the lack of fuser heat so now when I talk to a repair company I can better explain the situation. Thank you for providing the images so I can compare my problems to this one.
09/29/17 @ 20:13

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