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Local Search Taking Over The Internet?


Local Search Taking Over The Internet?

Local Search Taking Over The Internet?

Maybe it is just me but isn’t that just so 1988?
One of the things the Internet promised was to make the world a smaller place.
To bring things far away right into your office or living room.

I can understand local search if you are looking for a restaurant, a mechanic or a guy to fix your AC. What I cannot fathom is how adversely the local search priority is hurting Internet business. Ecommerce services a worldwide market place, not just our local neighborhoods. So if search engines are prioritizing “local search” at the expense of quality search or relative search, the ones who suffer are the consumers and the Ecommerce operators.
The Internet and Ecommerce made it possible and affordable for a small store in Midland, Texas to attract, interact with and ultimately sell to a customer in Portland, Maine. This was partly possible due to relative and accurate search results from the major engines that didn’t put a priority on the customers close proximity, but gave the best results for the term, no matter where the website owner was located.

Way back when, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and rocks where a secret military weapon, local search was all the rage. Back in the days before the Internet when your local searches involved a local newspaper or a phone book. Now we have the Internet and access to a big wide world of choices, but the search engines are pushing us backwards by prioritizing the results with things you can find in the local yellow pages.

Is it just me or is that counter-intuitive?

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UK going green to charge up mobile phones and tablets.



UK going green to charge up mobile phones and tablets.

UK going green to charge up mobile phones and tablets. You have all seen the iconic “Red Call Boxes” of the UK, well now you will find some green ones popping up.

This is a green effort we could all get behind. You have all seen the iconic “Red Call Boxes” of the UK, well now you will find some green ones popping up. These are solar powered recharging stations for your mobile devices. Pop in and charge up, you will be served some advertising while you wait, and I think that is great.

Passersby can now juice up their mobile device in a Tottenham Court Road booth that has been painted green and turned into a solarbox.

Just pop into the updated box, which sports an 86cm solar panel on the roof, and plug in your smartphone or tablet; the free service, of course, comes with advertisements while you wait.

This going green effort appears to be privately funded and not at taxpayers expense, which I of course love.
The initial investment came from private sources and the ongoing cost should be covered by the advertising. I love that.

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Never Overcomplicate The Simple Problems


To solve a problem you have to make sure you don't create more problems first.
Never overcomplicate the simple things.

When troubleshooting and diagnosing a problem always start with the basics.

When troubleshooting and diagnosing a problem always start with the basics.
"Is it plugged in and turned on?" Is not a silly question, it is the most basic. When a situation arises suddenly, what has changed? Has something been added or taken away?
Start with the simplest and eliminate the obvious and easy.

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5 things you can do for FREE to improve your business today.


5 things you can do for FREE to improve your business today.

5 things you can do for FREE to improve your business today.
Customer service and interaction with the public are critical areas that almost every business could use some improvement.
So here are 5 fast, easy, down and dirty things you can do, today, for free to improve customer relations and customer satisfaction.

1. Answer the phone.
You have positioned your phone number everywhere, website, literature, TV ads everywhere imaginable, but what happens when the customer calls? Do they get stuck in and endless phone tree? Are they placed on hold for what seems to them like hours?
You cannot play the game if you do not show up. A live human being on the phone is what your customer or potential customer is looking for. They called you with a question or a concern and now they would like to know someone is listening. You have to answer that phone. Now I know we cannot all be sitting by the phone 24 hours a day, so when you get a voice mail, answer it, as soon as you can.
In this digital age, just answering a phone can do wonders for customer confidence in your company.

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Apple iPhone Is Tracking Your Every Move


iPhone by Apple is tracking and recording your every move.

In the last few years it has become very clear that there is no privacy left in the world.
Everyone with a car or smart phone probably knows someone is using a GPS device to track them.

But is it being paranoid when you find out you are indeed being tracked, without your knowledge or consent by a device you paid your hard earned money to purchase?
If you have an iPhone, you are being tracked.

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Leadership In A Nutshell


Leaders blaze a trail for others to follow

Leadership in a nutshell

Lead by example, always.
You never ask anyone to do anything you would not be ready and willing to do yourself.
Yes there are things that need to be accomplished you do not have the skills to do yourself, but you get my meaning. If you would not be willing to do it yourself, how could you ask anyone else to do it? You can not, and you should not. As a leader you must be willing to do any and all tasks at hand. A true leader rolls the sleeves up and gets their hands dirty when the need arises. You can not lead from an ivory tower nor from the safety of your office or a concrete bunker. As they say, you have to be close enough to smell the gunpowder and the horse crap.

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Start, Don't Stop


Start, don't stop, be positive your life instead of negative

Start, don’t stop.
You must refocus your mind off of the negative and on to the positive.
I read an interesting piece today from twitter @LollyDaskal on her blog page
Stop! What Is Not Working

Please help us pay for Brittany's funeral

While I do agree with the basic premise, discontinue doing what is not working.
I disagree with the approach. We as human beings are negatively based. We have a natural tendency to focus on negative things.

The weather is too cold, or too hot.
I need to stop smoking, I am to fat, I am always late.

You need to break this cycle, there see I just did it.
You need to start doing the things that will enrich and better your life.
There that is better.

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