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LaserJet P3005 Error Code 52.00


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LaserJet P3005 Error Code 52.00


LaserJet P3005 Error Code 52.00

LaserJet P3005dn Error Code 52.00 turn printer off and back on to continue.
Error code seems to apply to all P3005 LaserJet printer models.

According to the manuals this error code indicates a malfunction in the Laser Scanner Motor. While in some or most cases this may be true, this week I found this error code on a machine and it had nothing to do with the Laser Scanner.

Follow up:

The manual instructs the following steps to resolve the System Error 52.00 condition:
1. Verify that the scanner motor connector
and the ribbon cable from the ECU are
firmly seated on the laser/scanner

2. Verify that the scanner motor connector
is firmly seated in connector J402 on the
ECU. You might have to remove the
main cooling fan to see this connection.

3. Verify that the ribbon cable installed in
connector J403 on the ECU is fully
seated. (See Figure 6-9 ECU wiring
on page 195.) You must remove the
ECU in order to verify this connection.

4. If the message persists, replace the
laser/scanner assembly.

In the case of the printer I was working on.
When the printer was switched on and began it’s power on self test, the paper path motors would run to initialize, the output drive mechanism would turn a revolution or two then stop with a grinding noise. The printer would proceed to a ready prompt. But it got interesting when I pushed the Engine Test button.
The printer for a second would sound like it was going to feed paper, all of the paper path motors and drive lines would start to turn, then the final output roller would stop with a grinding noise and the display would read:

    Error 52.00 Turn printer off then back on.


Removed the top cover and manually rotated the final output drive roller, about once every 3 to 4 revolutions would result in the same gear grinding noise.
Of course the solution was to replace the output assembly and be done.

But, the error 52.00 and the incorrect identification of this error being related to the Laser Scanner assembly or motor was not accurate, or in this case, even close.

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