Categories: LaserJet Error Codes and Repair, LaserJet 9000, LaserJet P3005, LaserJet P4015


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Categories: LaserJet Error Codes and Repair, LaserJet P4015

LaserJet Printer Page Top Center Folded Down

If the top center of your LaserJet printed pages look like this a folded down section, in the top- center of the page, folded towards the front of the page, the Torque Limiter may be stuck and not slipping at all. When the issue first presents it usually starts out, as an intermittent problem, only one out of 3 or more pages will do it. Over time, it becomes more consistent until every page does this. more »


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Categories: LaserJet Error Codes and Repair, LaserJet P4015

Reset The Maintenance Count LaserJet P4015 Printer

You have replaced the Paper Pickup Rollers, Transfer Roller and Fuser Assembly in your HP LaserJet P4015, now what? Did you remember to reset the maintenance kit count? If you forgot how, here is the easy way to reset it. more »


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Ghosting of Images or Text on Laser Printer Pages

Ghosting, is a problem that can occur with laser printers. Ghosting refers to your images or text on a printed page that repeat at a regular interval further down on the page. Ghosting makes your printed pages dirty and look unprofessional. Fortunately there is a fairly simple cure for this condition. more »


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Categories: LaserJet Error Codes and Repair, LaserJet P3005

LaserJet P3005 Error Code 52.00

LaserJet P3005dn Error Code 52.00 turn printer off and back on to continue.Error code seems to apply to all P3005 LaserJet printer models. According to the manuals this error code indicates a malfunction in the Laser Scanner Motor. While in some or most cases this may be true, this week I found this error code on a machine and it had nothing to do with the Laser Scanner. more »


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Repair Audible Bumping Noise HP LaserJet P3015

Got a service call for an HP LaserJet P3015 (with optional Tray 3). User reported an audible bumping noise when the printer was printing pages. Onsite I observed that the noise was present even when not printing. The noise would occur when the printer warmed up or cycled after the Toner Cartridge door was closed. more »


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LaserJet 9000 Error 13.20

HP LaserJet 9000 is the false 13.20 error. It will come up during or immediately after the power-up sequence, before you even try to print anything, and you won't find paper anywhere in the paper path. As in any printer, this can be caused by a stuck sensor flag, but more »
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