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Repair Audible Bumping Noise HP LaserJet P3015


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Repair Audible Bumping Noise HP LaserJet P3015


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Recently we had a fun one, so I thought I would share it with you.
Got a service call for an HP LaserJet P3015 (with optional Tray 3).
User reported an audible bumping noise when the printer was printing pages.

Onsite I observed that the noise was present even when not printing. The noise would occur when the printer warmed up or cycled after the Toner Cartridge door was closed.

So I deduced the noise was not coming from the paper feed path.
The printer presented no error codes or faults.

Follow up:

The noise, a barely audible low pitch, rhythmic thump, (user described it as the sound of someone walking down the staircase next to their office) and it could be heard seemingly throughout the printer. Accompanying the noise was a slight vibration that seemed to permeate the printer body. The noise and vibration seemed to be coming from the entire printer body.

I deduced that whatever the noises source, it must be attached directly to the printers internal chassis, as it was transfering the noise and vibration to every part of the printer.

Removed the fuser and found the source.
Like most all Laser Printers the HP LaserJet P3015 Fuser uses a top heated roller and a lower pressure roller. When I removed the black plastic guide plate from the input side of the fuser to examine the pressure roller I found the coating of the pressure roller was detaching from the roller shaft.
It appeared wrinkled.
As the two rollers would turn, the wrinkles would bunch up until they were forced under the fuser roller, pushing the pressure roller down against its springs. The bump would occur as the rollers slammed back together after the wrinkle passed.

So there you have it, seems simple but when I first arrived on the site, I must admit, I had a head scratch moment for minute or two.

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