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There Is A New BotNet In Town

There is a new botnet in town and it may be coming for you. It appears a botnet has been activated and it appears to be searching for and attempting to exploit WordPress blogs and sites. more »


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Is Your Business Phone Number Correct?

Is your business phone number correct? Seems like a very simple and easy to answer question When it comes to the Internet things become exponentially more complicated. Web only businesses and combination businesses need to deal with the contact information that has been “crawled” from their sites that may not be accurate more »


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5 things you can do for FREE to improve your business today.

Our customers and clients are the most valuable assets to our companies. Without our customers, we have no reason to be in business. Simple improvements to customer interaction and customer service can improve your business lot in life exponentially. Word of mouth advertising is free, and very effective. Good reviews help your business image and trust factor. People want to be treated like people and with respect. Customers want to know they are getting what they paid for and the company appreciates their patronage. more »


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Use A Hashtag To Build Your Small Business on Social Media

Try this tip for your small business this year. Think up a hashtag that is unique and specific for your business. Using this new and unique hashtag is just as important and can be just as meaningful as any brand messaging. Repeatedly using your hashtag (but only once per post) and having others pin, retweet or share your posts with your new hashtag in it will spread your reach. more »


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Don't Be A Bot

Bots are commanded to travel the internet and conduct DoS attacks (Denial of Service), scrape websites for email and phone numbers, perform php injection attacks against websites (attempting to hack and change the coding on a webpage).Your computer could be actively seeking information to aid an identity thief to steal information and credit card numbers from unsuspecting people.Bots collect information and then, without your knowledge, transmit that information to the writer of the bot. more »


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Delete a File When Access is Denied

If you have ever tried to remove a virus or spyware manually you may have seen this condition on a Windows based PC, laptop or server.When you attempt to delete a file Windows denies you access because the file is in use by another program.There is a way to delete the culprit. more »


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Hang Up To Virus Removal Windows 7

SireFeF and Alureon presented a strange issue.When either quarantined or removed by MSE, Windows could not reboot.MSE instructs you to reboot the system to finish the cleanup process.Computer would shut down but on restart we got the error screen presenting us with the Windows Repair option. The repair option failed to restore functionality to the system. more »

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