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5 things you can do for FREE to improve your business today


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5 things you can do for FREE to improve your business today.


5 things you can do for FREE to improve your business today.

5 things you can do for FREE to improve your business today.
Customer service and interaction with the public are critical areas that almost every business could use some improvement.
So here are 5 fast, easy, down and dirty things you can do, today, for free to improve customer relations and customer satisfaction.

1. Answer the phone.
You have positioned your phone number everywhere, website, literature, TV ads everywhere imaginable, but what happens when the customer calls? Do they get stuck in and endless phone tree? Are they placed on hold for what seems to them like hours?
You cannot play the game if you do not show up. A live human being on the phone is what your customer or potential customer is looking for. They called you with a question or a concern and now they would like to know someone is listening. You have to answer that phone. Now I know we cannot all be sitting by the phone 24 hours a day, so when you get a voice mail, answer it, as soon as you can.
In this digital age, just answering a phone can do wonders for customer confidence in your company.

Follow up:

2. Answer the Question.
Whether by phone, email, text, instant message, tweet or FaceBook post your customer or potential customer has a question or concern, address it. Answer the question or concern directly. Make sure you leave no doubt in the customer’s mind you have heard what they said and you are here to help.
Too many times in today’s world questions are answered with double speak or language that does not directly inform the customer you are interested in their question and want them to have the information they seek.
You are an expert in your field and about your products and services; you have the information, now find the best language to convey it to your customers.
Do not be afraid of “I do not know”, well not exactly anyway. In the military I don’t know is not an acceptable answer, ever. “I don’t know but I will find out and get back to you on that”, is the acceptable answer. If you don’t know, then tell your customer that, but also inform them that you will do the research and find them the answer they seek.
They will remember you went that extra mile for them.
Also, if you have a company website, implement an FAQ’s page, post the most commonly asked questions about your company, products or services and the short answers you normally give.

3. Be Dependable
As I like to say, Be On Time and On Target, every time. Never promise anything you cannot deliver. If you make a promise you must follow through, your word is your bond and the honor and reputation of your business is at stake. If not, as soon as you break your word, your customer will know and they may never trust you again.
In this challenging economy trust is the most precious commodity and yet it is the easiest one to garner. If you make a promise or give your word, keep it, even if it means you take a loss on this transaction. It is far better to take a small loss than it is to become known as untrustworthy.

4. Be Courteous
From “hello and thank you for calling my company today, how may we be of service” to “thank you for calling my company and please have a great day”, be polite and a little cheerful.
Misery loves company, but smiling people spend money.
The quality of your day, personally, does not matter when a customer contacts you, so do not let your personal life affect the business at hand.
Human beings naturally gravitate towards and follow confident, upbeat people, so you need to be that person.
Remember and always use these words: Please, Thank You, Sir / Ma’am, Happy to help and Happy to assist you.
Politeness has taken a backseat in the modern world, so when you honestly give it to your customers, they will appreciate it.

5. Be Motivated
In all of your interactions with clients, customers and potential customers, be energetic and show them you are there to provide what they need. They came to you to fill a void, now you must show them you are motivated to fill it. Focus on them, their needs and their concerns; prove to them both with actions and words you are there for them.
Too often these days I see reviews and survey results reporting that customers felt like they were not attended to, their concerns not addressed or the person they spoke with had “other things to do”.
Do not be that person!
You must understand, you are not the only game in town, customers have choices, they chose you, so now, show them they are your primary concern.

Our customers and clients are the most valuable assets to our companies.
Without our customers, we have no reason to be in business.
Simple improvements to customer interaction and customer service can improve your business lot in life exponentially. Word of mouth advertising is free, and very effective. Good reviews help your business image and trust factor.
People want to be treated like people and with respect. Customers want to know they are getting what they paid for and the company appreciates their patronage.
So give it to them.

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