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Never Overcomplicate The Simple Problems

When you start with and eliminate the simplest, easiest and most obvious first you will save time and money and either solve the problem quickly or get to the root cause faster. When you dismiss the simple answers out of hand without first checking them, you run the risk of misdiagnosis which leads to wasted time and money. more »


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Stop Look Listen and Feel for Hardware Diagnostics

Hardware problems can be tricky to pin down and diagnose, but not as daunting a task as some techs fear. Using these rules will improve your diagnostic skills and accuracy a hundred fold. It is our job as engineers and techs to solve problems quickly and efficiently. When you get it right the first time and make it right quickly you will be the one they always call. more »


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Carriage Height Calibration for DesignJet 1000 and 5000 series plotters

Carriage Height Calibration The purpose of this Service Calibration is to adjust the distancebetween the Carriage Assembly and the Center Platen. more »


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The Q1273-60228 vs CQ109-67004 Carriage Belt Dilemma

Recently the HP website started showing the HP DesignJet Carriage Belt and Tensioner assembly Q1273-60228 for DesignJet Plotter models 4000 4500 and Z6100 has been replaced. HP now shows the CQ109-67004 as the replacement part. more »


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DesignJet - Blue Print on Screen Prints out Purple on paper

When using the HP-GL/2 HP-RTL Designjet driver, blue text or images, as they appear on the screen, appear to print more "purple" than "blue" on the HP Designjet printer from some Microsoft (R) applications. more »
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