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Carriage Height Calibration for DesignJet 1000 and 5000 series plotters


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Carriage Height Calibration for DesignJet 1000 and 5000 series plotters


When certain repairs are done to some DesignJet plotter models a carriage height calibration (adjustment) must be done.
Models include:
DesignJet 1050C and 1050C Plus
Designjet 1055 CM and 1055 CM Plus
DesignJet 5000 and DesignJet 5500

Follow up:

Take the following steps to adjust the carriage height of your plotter.

Carriage Height Calibration
The purpose of this Service Calibration is to adjust the distance
between the Carriage Assembly and the Center Platen. This
calibration is necessary in order to prevent problems like Printhead
Perform the Carriage Height Calibration whenever:

  1. Carriage Assembly is disassembled or replaced.
  2. Center Platen is disassembled or replaced.
  3. Continuous Printhead Crashes.

Perform the Carriage Height Calibration as follows:

NOTE The procedure should be carried out using the Carriage Height
Tool C6071-60166
that came with the new Carriage
or Center Platen Assembly or can be ordered individually.

NOTE During the Carriage Height Calibration procedure the Carriage
Assembly has to be moved along the length of the Printer for
correct calibration. Make sure that the Carriage Assembly is
only ever moved by pulling the Belt and never by direct contact
with the Carriage itself

  1. 1. Remove the Top Cover - Refer to Page 8-5.
  2. 2. Remove the Back Cover - Refer to Page 8-23.
  3. 3. Remove the Top EMC Cover - Refer to Page 8-32.
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  5. 4. Open the Carriage Cover on the left hand side of the printing area.
    never move using Carriage Assembly. move using the Belt.
  6. 5. Insert the Carriage Height Tool into the black Printhead slot.
  7. 6. Close the Carriage Cover
  8. 7. Loosen the two T10 screws at the back of the Carriage Assembly.
    NOTE The screws should not be removed.
  9. 8. Using the Belt, and beginning on the left hand side of the starting
    position (where the left hand edge of the paper is positioned when
    printing), move the Carriage Assembly back and forth along the
    length of the Printer. Listen for a scraping sound: if you hear a
    sound already you may proceed directly with step 9, if not you must
    lower the Carriage Assembly (step 8), and try again until a scraping
    sound is heard.
    Service Calibrations
  10. 9. Lower the Carriage Assembly slightly, by turning the T9 screw
    shown below anti-clockwise and then check for a scraping sound
    again as shown previously in step 7.
  11. 10. On moving the Carriage Assembly along the length of the Printer
    you should now hear a scraping sound: this sound indicates that you
    need to raise the Carriage Assembly (if there is no sound repeat step
  12. 11. Raise the Carriage Assembly slightly, by turning the T9 screw
    (shown below) clockwise
  13. 12. Check that there is no longer a scraping sound.
  14. 13. When the scraping has been eliminated it is important to leave the
    Carriage Assembly as close as possible to the Center Platen: move
    the Carriage Assembly back and forth across the area where the
    scraping sound was, gently lowering and raising the Carriage
    Assembly until you are sure that it is as close as it possibly can be to
    the Center Platen without touching.
  15. 14. Continue checking the full length of the Printer until you arrive at
    the blue line used to load the cut sheet paper, repeating steps 10, 11
    and 12 whenever a scraping sound is heard.
  16. 15. When the complete length of the Printer is calibrated (clear of any
    scraping sound), tighten the two T10 screws at the back of the
    Carriage Assembly to secure the current position.
  17. 16. Remove the Carriage Height Tool.

The full PDF versions of this guide can be downloaded from the below links:
DesignJet 1050C 1055CM and Plus
DesignJet 5000 5500 and EagleJet

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