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We often get calls into our Tech Support stating the new ISS does not look or fit like the old one. They are right, it does not. The old ISS, the C7769-60148 part number; the one the factory installed had an issue. To correct this issue the factory installed a spittoon, or “Catch Tray” under the ISS. The new part, C7769-60373 has been redesigned and does not have the same issue, so it no longer uses this “Catch Tray”. So you must remove the catch tray to install the new, updated version of the ISS. more »
Windows users are all too familiar with the infamous and notorious Blue Screen of Death or BSOD that spells certain headaches and time for a computer user. What to do if you turn on your HP DesignJet T120 or DesignJet T520 Plotter and it has a Blue Screen or Blue Screen Of Death BSOD more »
Due to questions called into our shop over the years of the exact location and orientation of the Encoder Strip on the HP DesignJet 500 / 510 / 800 plotter models; we thought it was time to post some tips and photos to help you with the correct placement… more »
Noise is produced when the pen carriage cannot move freely. Common causes are the Y-belt (carriage belt) being frayed or worn, obstructions or excess friction along the carriage path, the cutter failing to reach its home position, or worn or damaged Y-axis parts. Follow the instructions listed below to help solve these errors. more »
System error 02:10 is generated when the printer has detected a fault in the carriage assembly. This error usually appears when a print job has been sent to the printer. Causes of this error can include the trailing cable, carriage or the electronics module more »

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Do it yourself repair information for your HP DesignJet Plotter.



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