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Leadership In A Nutshell


Leaders blaze a trail for others to follow

Leadership in a nutshell

Lead by example, always.
You never ask anyone to do anything you would not be ready and willing to do yourself.
Yes there are things that need to be accomplished you do not have the skills to do yourself, but you get my meaning. If you would not be willing to do it yourself, how could you ask anyone else to do it? You can not, and you should not. As a leader you must be willing to do any and all tasks at hand. A true leader rolls the sleeves up and gets their hands dirty when the need arises. You can not lead from an ivory tower nor from the safety of your office or a concrete bunker. As they say, you have to be close enough to smell the gunpowder and the horse crap.

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Start, Don't Stop


Start, don't stop, be positive your life instead of negative

Start, don’t stop.
You must refocus your mind off of the negative and on to the positive.
I read an interesting piece today from twitter @LollyDaskal on her blog page
Stop! What Is Not Working

While I do agree with the basic premise, discontinue doing what is not working.
I disagree with the approach. We as human beings are negatively based. We have a natural tendency to focus on negative things.

The weather is too cold, or too hot.
I need to stop smoking, I am to fat, I am always late.

You need to break this cycle, there see I just did it.
You need to start doing the things that will enrich and better your life.
There that is better.

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Use A Hashtag To Build Your Small Business on Social Media


use a unique hashtag to build your small business presence on social media sites

#computercare Try this tip for your small business this year.
Think up a hashtag that is unique and specific for your business.

It needs to be a word or phrase that is NOT in popular use, it needs to be individualized.
Ok, have thought of it? No worries, we will wait….
Ok, great now that you have one, use it, everywhere.
Every single place you go, use it. Check in on foursquare, yelp, twitter every social network site use it. Use it in all your Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and shutterfly posts. Use it in your posts and tags or embed it in your signature on message boards.

The idea is, if you post anything, anywhere that post will have your new, unique and distinct hashtag in it.
Using this new and unique hashtag is just as important and can be just as meaningful as any brand messaging. Repeatedly using your hashtag (but only once per post) and having others pin, retweet or share your posts with your new hashtag in it will spread your reach.

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Get Rid of Fruit Flies- No Poisons


Another quick tip that is not Tech related but very helpful.

Kill fruit flies without poisons

Fruit flies are annoying and must die!
Here is the easy home remedy for fruit flies.

No poisons and no harmful chemicals, no sprays and no odor.

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Get Rid of Ants in the Yard Without Poison


Use Club Soda to kill ant mounds in the yard

Ok so this is not a Tech thing.
You can easily remove / kill ants from your yard without using poisons.
I like this idea as we have pets that could stray into the poison.
And, it is inexpensive too.

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Stop Look Listen and Feel for Hardware Diagnostics


© 3/26/2013

Stop, Ask, Look and Listen

Hardware problems can be tricky to pin down and diagnose, but not as daunting a task as some techs fear.

When you walk in, stop, take a breath and settle yourself. When you are distracted or rushed you will miss details that matter. Also you have to get your mind right, not on your last task or your next task or anything else. Center yourself and be in the moment. As was drilled into my head, it is not the task at hand that kills you, but the one before that does you in.
You have to be right here, right now to work effectively.

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Don't Be A Bot


© 6/21/2012

Don't Be A Bot

Bot Nets. Are you a bot?
You might be a bot and never know it.
Your computer could be infected with a spyware or other malicious software that makes you a bot.
Bots are commanded to travel the internet and conduct DoS attacks (Denial of Service), scrape websites for email and phone numbers, perform php injection attacks against websites (attempting to hack and change the coding on a webpage).
Your computer could be actively seeking information to aid an identity thief to steal information and credit card numbers from unsuspecting people.
Bots collect information and then, without your knowledge, transmit that information to the writer of the bot.
Activities that you would not normally, actively participate in, nor approve of.

If you are a bot, like I said, you might never discover that you are. You would need to employ network-monitoring software, and then you would have to notice the excessive activity when you are not surfing the net. You might suddenly start getting returned emails that you did not send. In a worse case scenario your ISP might shut you off.

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