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Delete a File When Access is Denied


If you have ever tried to remove a virus or spyware manually you may have seen this condition on a Windows based PC, laptop or server.
When you attempt to delete a file Windows denies you access because the file is in use by another program.
There is a way to delete the culprit.

Lets say for instance you need to delete a file called spyware.exe.
But try as you may Windows says the file is in use and denies the delete.

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Hang Up To Virus Removal Windows 7


© Computer Care 1/25/2012

We recently had an interesting virus removal problem come in.
Customer had an off the shelf computer by one of the big computer manufacturers, and it was one month out of warranty.
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.
The customer had let the trial version of McAfee anti-virus expire, it was still functioning but no longer updating to the latest virus definitions.

The customer had picked up one of the fake Windows Virus Removal malware’s.
(The ones that pop up and tell you that you have infections and if you click here for $49.95 they can remove them) It disabled access to programs and the internet.

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Restore or Disable Mouse Pad Tap to Click



© Computer Care 12/22/2011
To enable or disable touch pad tap to click.
Tap to click is the ability to tap your finger on the surface of your laptop’s touch pad and select the item your cursor is on. In other words, tap your finger and have your laptop respond as if you had clicked the left mouse button.

By default most laptops have this feature enabled out of the box. It worked that way the first time you started your laptop. Over time or by accident somehow this feature became disabled and you would like to have it back.

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Tell Tale PC Symptoms



Tell Tale PC Symptoms
© 07/11/2011

Here are some simple and almost always true rules about PC problems.

If your PC boots to the desktop but then restarts, and constantly restarts over and over.
Most often it is a bad or weak power supply. Sometimes it can also be a failed peripheral device such as a secondary hard drive, CD / DVD rom drive or another device that connects to the power supply with a 4 pin plug.

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DesignJet - Blue Print on Screen Prints out Purple on paper



HP Designjet Printers - Blue Print on Screen Prints out Purple
When using the HP-GL/2 HP-RTL Designjet driver, blue text or images, as they appear on the screen, appear to print more "purple" than "blue" on the HP Designjet printer from some Microsoft (R) applications.
SOLUTION 1: When using the HP-GL and HP-GL/2 drivers this specific version of HP blue (0.0.255) is a combination of Cyan and Magenta inks. The Cyan ink is more efficient at absorbing light where the Magenta ink is less efficient at absorbing light and better at reflecting light. This causes the combination of these two inks, combined to create blue, to appear to have a purple tint.
To correct this problem, perform the following:

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