DesignJet Plotters can tell you alot if you know what to look for.

We will attempt to outline most of the Error codes for the DesignJet 2000CP, 2500CP, 3000CP and the 3500CP.

If you have an error code that does not appear here you may have to contact your local HP service center. But, we will try and help you avoid that.

Understanding The Codes:

Follow up:

System Error Codes
System error codes are hexa decimal based numbers generally caused by
internal system errors. The following pages contain a list of system error
codes and their respective descriptions and recommended corrective actions.
The following table gives a quick explanation of the error codes:

Error code Type of Problem
0100xxElectrical Failure
010xxxEEROM Failure
02xxxxMechanical Failure
04xxxxMIO Card Error
05xxxxX mark Error
06xxxxLine Sensor Error
07xxxxFirmware Failure
08xxxxPostScript Error
09xxxxHard Disk Failure

If you have an error code which is not documented in this Service Manual or
you have an error which you cannot resolve, then report the error to the HP
Response Center or the nearest HP Support Office. When reporting the error,
have the following information ready:
1. Model and Serial Number of the printer.
2. Which firmware revision the printer is using.
3. The complete error number.
4. The Service Print (Utilities / Service Tests).
5. The Current configuration sheet.
6. Which software application the customer is using (name, version, etc.).
7. Is the problem reproducible by you?
8. Additional comments about the usage, the setting, etc.

Important Information on Troubleshooting Error Codes
Before spending time troubleshooting the problem by doing the various tests
or replacing parts (which may not need replacing), check which firmware
revision the printer is using or check if a service note deals with this
particular problem. Some problems which occurred in earlier firmware
releases may have been solved in later revisions. So if there is a new firmware
revision then update the Flash SIMM before replacing any parts. Refer to
page 1 3 (service Guide) for information on how to upgrade the firmware revision. Refer to
Chapter 7 (service Guide) for the part number of the Flash SIMM.

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