HP DesignJet 4000, 4500 and Z6100 - CPU failure causing printer shutdown or system error 05:10 during initialization

Assistance in what to do if the printer consistently tries to initialize but then turns off, or displays system error 05:10. This issue is most generally caused by a failing CPU Fan.

Q1273-60250 / Q1273-60043 DesignJet 4000 / 4500 / 4500 MFP Main Logic Board

Follow up:

The HP DesignJet 4x00 and Z6100 printers may have experienced a higher failure rate than expected for the CPU FAN. The CPU fan is situated on top of the Main PCA at the rear of the printer.

Symtoms of Failing CPU Fan
On Power Up the printer starts to initialize, after a few seconds either:

1. The printer powers off / shuts down and the front panel display is blank.

2. In some cases displays System Error 05:10.

There have been changes to the CPU Fan
It is no longer required to replace the entire main PCA in the event of a failed CPU Fan. The CPU Fan has now been made available as a service part that can be ordered separately.
Changes to the CPU Fan make it more dependable and easier to change.
The orderable part number of the new fan is: Q1271-60160, CPU FAN service Kit.

Q1271-60160, CPU FAN service Kit comes with installation instructions.
(or use replacement CPU Fan Kit - Click Here For Details)

Notes for Installing the New CPU Fan
1. The kit does not contain a crosshead screwdriver, which is required to remove and install the CPU Fan.
2. When removing the FAN, it is important to put a hand under the fan to catch four washers (depending on the type of fan) that could fall down into the printer.
3. You will not need to remove the heat sink attached to the processor as the fan is screwed on top of the heat sink.
4. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to install the fan in the correct orientation. If the orientation of the fan is incorrect the fan’s airflow will be incorrect.
5. When the Delta CPU Fan is correctly installed, there is no label visible. The AAVID Fan, has a label on each side of the FAN.

Another way to detect a potential failing fan is by looking at the label on the AAVID CPU Fan. If the label has the number 33307.

If you received notification of a printer that contains this batch of CPU Fan and the printer 'cannot start' or 'printer switches off automatically', use the support part number Q1271-60160, CPU FAN service Kit. You should not need to replace the complete Main PCA.
NOTE: Not every fan will fail from this batch. Only replace the fan if the printer shows the symptoms already described and the CPU Fan has failed. Do not replace the CPU Fan if it has not failed.

Information in this post has been derived from several sources. Computer Care offers no Warranty as to the accuracy or effectiveness of this information. Use At Your Own Risk. Always refer Plotter Repairs to a Qualified Service Tech.

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