This applies to HP Plotter models
DesignJet 430
DesignJet 450C
DesignJet 455CA
DesignJet 488CA

After removing and replacing the carriage drive belt.
C4705-60082 for D- size or 24 inch models
C4706-60082 for E- size or 36 inch models
You may receive error code K L M
(Cartridges + Data + Media)

After pressing Cancel
Another error code is displayed E M
(Align Media + Media)

To better understand the error codes on the 400 series of DesignJet plotters see the image below. Map of control panel lights an their corresponding letter assignments.

Follow up:

DesignJet 400 Series Error Lights

The service manual defines the error conditions as follows:
K L M error code
This error code indicates a severe problem.
To get more information on the problem the Cancel key must be pressed to display the Subcode.

E M error code
Y Axis Shutdown
Possible Causes:
Binding due to media jam
Carriage Binding
Check carriage belt and pulley for slip or obstruction
Perform a Scan Axis Test
Faulty Fan
Ensure encoder strip is not damaged, inverted or missing
Check trailing cable
Replace carriage

Of that list we have found that more often than not, the problem is either an improperly reinstalled encoder strip or a damaged encoder strip.

The best advice it to only remove ONE end of a DesignJet Encoder Strip when replacing the belt or a carriage assembly. You cannot put it in backwards or upside down if you do that.

If the encoder strip is in good condition and clean, and it is installed with the proper orientation you may have missed the threading on the back of the carriage.
This problem is a very popular one. The encoder must be threaded through the back of the carriage assembly properly for the carriage sensor to read it.

400 series DesigJet plotter encoder path

This photo shows the eyes on the back of the carriage the strip must pass through.
If the Encoder strip is dirty, clean it with a lint free cloth and alcohol.
If the Encoder strip is damaged replace it:
C4713-60098 D – size or 24 inch
C4714-60098 D – size or 36 inch
(remember only measure the width of the paper to determine the size of any DesignJet plotter, never use end to end or pulley to pulley length)

Whenever you service anything in the carriage path of a DesignJet plotter always remember to lubricate the slider rods when reassembling. Too many times a Carriage Path error occurs and it is simply too much friction on the sliders. Also this will cut down on the wear and tear of the belt and the carriage drive motor.

Also be aware if you have if you have removed the carriage from the rails you must put the bushings back in the same side of the carriage they came out of and in the case of the 400 DesignJet family, check the carriage to paper height distance.

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