Categories: DesignJet Error Codes, 2000CP, 2500CP, 3000CP, 3500CP, 500/510 / 800 Plotter, 5000, 5500, DesignJet 1050C 1055 CM and Plus, DesignJet 4000, 4500, DesignJet Copier CC800PS Error Codes, DesignJet T1100 T1100PS T610, DesignJet Z6100, Z2100 and Z3100 Error Codes

This error message generally appears when memory for an HP Designjet 1050C or 1055CM "A" model has been installed in a Designjet 1050C or 1055CM plus model (B models). The memory for the A models is not compatible with the plus series models. more »
Error Codes for DesignJet plotter models T1100 T1100PS and T610 System error codes are hexa-decimal based numbers generally caused byinternal system errors. The following pages contain a list of system errorcodes and their respective descriptions and recommended corrective actions. more »
Assistance in what to do if the printer consistently tries to initialize but then turns off, or displays system error 05:10. This issue is most generally caused by a failing CPU Fan more »
61:05 and 63:03 error codes are not listed in the service manual. These error codes could be related to error code “79” which causes the printer to hang in “Initializing” in the control panel. more »
Error Codes for DesignJet plotter models Z2100 / Z3100 / Z3100ps GP Photo Printer Series more »

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Do it yourself repair information for your HP DesignJet Plotter.



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