HP Designjet Multi Roll Feeder - TWI: System Error 0D0000
0D0001, 0D0002, 0D0003

A problem with Channel sensor 1 has been detected. Most common causes are poor cable connections, incorrect sensor positioning, a faulty Channel sensor or Electronics module. Follow the steps listed below to determine the actual cause of the failure and to replace the appropriate parts. Error Codes 0D0001 refers to Channel 2 Sensor, 0D0002 refers to Channel 3 Sensor, 0D0003 refers to Channel 4 Sensor

Parts required (part numbers are subject to change)

Part description

Part number

Channel Sensor (Required)


Main PCA (Required)


If any of the troubleshooting steps listed below solve the problem, attempt to verify printer functionality by printing several internal prints. If functionality is verified, no additional parts should be replaced. (To troubleshoot Error Codes - 0D0001, 0D0002, 0D0003 follow the same steps but substitute the corresponding channel sensor 01 - CH2, 02-CH3 & 03-CH4).


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I need a hard drive DesignJet 5000 and 5500

Has this ever happened to you?
You turn on your DesignJet 5000 or 5500 model plotter and before it comes to the ready prompt:
Error 1f500XX (boot failed) or e50000?
Both errors are related to a failed or improperly connected hard disk drive.
So you follow the troubleshooting tips in your trusty manual only to find out your hard disk has gone caput, trashed, fried, no longer in this world, DEAD.

What to do now?
Order a new one.
Well that could be an issue, you see in the past two years our friends at HP have stopped producing them. The original hard disk that shipped in your plotter when it was new was a PATA or EIDE hard drive, HP changed that and started shipping a replacement SATA drive with an adapter kit. But no more.
The drive kits:
DesignJet 5000:
C6090-60344 for RTL (non-postscript)
DesignJet 5000 PS:
C6091-60268 for Post Script

DesignJet 5500:
Q1251-60323 for RTL (non-postscript)
Q1252-60045 or Q1252-60054 for Post Script

All of these hard drive kits have been discontinued and are no longer produced by HP.

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Clearing Paper Jams in InkJet and DesignJet Printers

Field techs have used this old trick and it is time to share.

When your inkjet type printer displays a Paper Jam error and you cannot see any paper in the path, anywhere. You may have a small torn away scrap of paper somewhere in the path. This usually occurs after you have experienced a feed problem and had to manually pull the paper out of the printer.
Use caution whenever you must manually (and forcefully) yank out a piece of jammed paper.
Pull the paper from both sides using both hands and use a slow, even steady motion. Don’t do what I do and put on foot in the printer and yank as hard as you can.
A small scrap may tear off the paper and remain lodged in the paper path, usually where you cannot see it and with my luck, about an inch away from where your fingers can reach.

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This applies to HP Plotter models
DesignJet 430
DesignJet 450C
DesignJet 455CA
DesignJet 488CA

After removing and replacing the carriage drive belt.
C4705-60082 for D- size or 24 inch models
C4706-60082 for E- size or 36 inch models
You may receive error code K L M
(Cartridges + Data + Media)

After pressing Cancel
Another error code is displayed E M
(Align Media + Media)

To better understand the error codes on the 400 series of DesignJet plotters see the image below. Map of control panel lights an their corresponding letter assignments.

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This article applies to the following HP DesignJet Plotter Models:
DesignJet 430
DesignJet 450C
DesignJet 455CA
DesignJet 488CA

The process for adjusting the carriage to media distance is explained in Chapter 5 of the service manual.
If you do not have Chapter 5 you can download a pdf copy here.
Chapter 5 Calibrations.

Adjusting the Carriage to Media distance requires that you have the gauge that was supplied with a new carriage assembly. If you do not have this gauge you may not be able to get one, they were never sold as a separate item.

Adjusting the distance is important if the carriage is too high you will get unwanted spray around the ink dots, or over spray and your vertical lines will not be straight. If the carriage is too low you will get you will get ink smears or even have the carriage scrape the paper.

This adjustment may be required:
After the carriage has been replaced.
After reinstalling the carriage due to belt or encoder strip replacement.
Or any other reason the carriage may have been removed from the plotter.

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